Public Outreach

Repost: The World’s Oldest Cheese – Fermentology Mini Seminars Presented by Jessica Hendy

  This presentation was first published by Applied Ecology, a platform featuring “research, education and outreach videos produced and shared by the students, staff and faculty of the NC State Department of Applied Ecology.” Their Mini Seminar series “Fermentology” is a great resource for learning about ancient and modern fermentation processes. Check out their YouTube … Read more

Microbes on the Move: Documentary

Microbes on the Move Documentary

We are pleased to present to you our Microbes on the Move documentary! The movie has been produced during the Microbes on the Move conference, which was held in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan in May 2019, and features interviews of the conference organizers and participants alongside visual impressions that will take the audience to two exciting … Read more

Prof. M. Erdene receives award for paper on earliest evidence of dairy pastoralism in Mongolia

Prof. M. Erdene (Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, National University of Mongolia) received the Director’s Award of the National University of Mongolia for her co-authorship on the paper “Dairy pastoralism sustained eastern Eurasian steppe populations for 5,000 years“, which was published in Nature Ecology & Evolution earlier this year, with Dr. Shevan Wilkin as the … Read more

“Microbes on the Move”: Traveling Conference Interviews

Makhabat Interview thumbnail

During last year’s “Microbes on the Move Traveling Conference” we asked participants to give short interviews and answer a few questions, including how they came to join the conference and how they benefitted from participating. See the interviews below (note that you can switch on subtitles for all non-English interviews).

Microbes on the Move Conference Photobook

One year ago, we organized the Microbes on the Move Conference in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. The format was new to many of us since it was a traveling conference that took place in both urban and rural areas in both countries. In any case, the outcome was overwhelming as Microbes on the Move brought together … Read more

The SCI-FA project #1: Portraits of Milk Bacteria

The SCI-FA Project #1: PORTRAITS OF MILK BACTERIA The Sci-Fa Project is created by our research assistant Zoljargal Enkh-Amgalan in collaboration with the Mongolian fashion brand FUTURISTIC TYPE. The first edition of this project combines science and fashion by using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) photos of artisanal Mongolian dairy products that our team collected during … Read more

Seeing Microbes / Сүү, цагаан идээн дотор юу байдаг вэ? – A photographic workshop report.

Seeing Microbes / Сүү, цагаан идээн дотор юу байдаг вэ? – A photographic workshop report. From July 23 to 26 we organized a workshop under the title ‘Seeing Microbes – Сүү, цагаан идээн дотор юу байдаг вэ?‘ in Khatgal, which is one of our major research sites in northern Mongolia’s Khövsgöl province. After conducting ethnographic … Read more

Cultures of Fermentation – A Wenner-Gren Symposium

From October 11 to 17, we will be at the ‘Cultures of Fermentation’ symposium in Sintra, Portugal. The event is funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and organized by Mark Aldenderfer (UC-Merced), Christina Warinner (Harvard University & MPI-SHH), Jessica Hendy (University of York), and Matthäus Rest (MPI-SHH). Excerpt: Fermentation is a practice in which complex communities … Read more