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Current Anthropology Special Issue: Cultures of Fermentation (open access)

Current Anthropology cover, Volume 62, Number S24

We are so happy to announce that the article contributions to the 2019 Current Anthropology Symposium “Cultures of Fermentation” are now available in Early View! Check out these multidisciplinary perspectives on human-microbial relationships that span biological anthropology, archaeology, and social anthropology!

Featuring articles from our team members:

Hendy, Jessica, Matthäus Rest, Mark Aldenderfer, and Christina Warinner. 2021. “Cultures of Fermentation: Living with Microbes: An Introduction to Supplement 24.” Current Anthropology 62 (S24): S197–206.

Reichhardt, Björn, Zoljargal Enkh-Amgalan, Christina Warinner, and Matthäus Rest. 2021. “Enduring Cycles: Documenting Dairying in Mongolia and the Alps.” Current Anthropology 62 (S24): S343–48.

Rest, Matthäus. 2021. “Preserving the Microbial Commons: Intersections of Ancient DNA, Cheese Making, and Bioprospecting.” Current Anthropology 62 (S24): S349–60.